Facebook Video Downloader

We have designed a tool that can download any shared videos on Facebook in a simple way
Steps for downloading the video from Facebook:

  • Just right click on the video you are watching
  • After which, you will get to see videos URL; you have to copy the URL
  • Now, you have to visit fbytdownloader.com there you will be able to see an empty space
  • Paste the copied URL on that blank space and click download
  • It prompts you to select the quality of video in order to begin the download process

This online video downloader tool even offers you an option of private video downloading, if you want to do so:

  • Then after copying the link/URL, just go to its private downloader
  • Now, paste the link on the empty space and click on Get Video
  • Lastly, your private video will start to download

If you have its extension, you can download the exact video you want or download videos from Facebook in just single click. The site will not ask you to paste the URL for further download. It will also support you to download the videos either in HD or SD quality.

The site won't just help you in downloading Facebook videos; it also gives you the links that are facilitating a large number of videos from Facebook in its directory. Additionally it has different highlights too that will leave you astounded.

You can undoubtedly download any public or private video from Facebook utilizing the fbyt video downloader without paying of any service, installing software or a registration. It gives three strategies to desktop, iPhone, and Android stages.

On Desktop:
Open your Facebook.
Go to the video that you need to download. For finding the video either looks on your news feed page or type the name of the individual in the search box who posted that video.

When you locate that specific video checks a symbol of the globe if that symbol is there, at that point it implies the video is open and you can download or else it also has a lock sign that shows that the video is private.

In order to locate your ideal video right click on it so a drop-down menu will show up
If you are using Mac, at that point hold Ctrl and click the video
The use mouse you are utilizing doesn't have the right button, at that point utilize the right side of the mouse or utilize your two fingers to tap the mouse.

Now, you will see another drop down menu which contains the option of show video URL, click on this alternative. Another pop up will open having the Facebook video's link.

Duplicate the link in the drop-down menu and then go to the fbytdownload.com site in your browser where you can effortlessly download the video by pasting the copied link in the given box.

Now click on the download green button after choosing the necessary quality of your video. Anyway it appoints you the best video quality itself yet if you want to alter you can.

On iPhone:
In order to download Facebook videos on iPhone you have to download documents application

Now, open the application/app store.
Tab to the search bar then writes documents in search bar then tab search.
At that point Tap GET to right side of the "Documents by Readdle" heading.
After sometime later either enter your Touch ID or Apple ID when provoked.
Now go to your Facebook and tab the button "f" which will straightforwardly open up your News Feed if you are signed in.
Generally, first sign in to your account by giving email and secret key. After which go to the video that you need to download. As I previously mentioned before either by scrolling over or going to a specific companion's post for finding that specific video.
After finding that video search for that globe symbol there (used to show that the video is open). Click the video so it would be played. It is a important step since it will allow you in regarding whether the video is broken.
Below the video, you have an option of share click it
Then, drop-down menu will open where you will see duplicate link option just click on it. It will copy video's address to your iPhone clipboard.
Now scroll down and search for the documents symbol. First press your iPhone home button then tab the documents icon it will show up in a multicolored "D" with a white background behind it.
Open your browser tab the safari symbol. Move this symbol left or write to open the browser page. Tab the address above in the bar.
In the address bar type fbytdownload.com with the goal that it will open the website. Now tap the blue Go button on your iPhone's keyboard.
Paste the video's location in the pop up menu and while doing this process if any adds shows up just click X on the upper left corner.
Then click the green download button which will show up below the video's preview. After the choice of video quality click the blue "done" button.
Now you will see arrow facing downward that shows you the video's progress.
You can watch your video once the download gets wrapped up by tapping the video's name on the download's tab.
Then save the video to your mobile phone by going to Documents page tab downloads folder.
Now, click on save files after which select folder then click add. Open up your iPhone's file application and click on Save video.

On Android:
To start with, you have to download File Explorer through Google play.
Open it and type file explorer in the search bar and then click on search.
Install it and then minimize it go to your Facebook through this "f" symbol or login.
Just follow the same steps as I discussed above till you copy the link of the video.
Once you done with copying the link look for the chrome symbol and type savefrom.net to open the site.
Then paste that copied link at the top then press green download button alongside the selection of video quality.
Go to File Explorer manager application symbol then it will guide you to storage options.
Choosing your storage type click download. Later you can likewise move it to your photograph apps which is optional.
So these are some extremely simple techniques for downloading public and private videos from Facebook.

Isn't fbytdownload.com is an astounding site as far as downloading Facebook recordings? I am quite damn sure the appropriate response would be "Yes". Try to bookmark this site for later use.

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  6. Download Facebook Private Videos - It can likewise be utilized as a private Facebook video downloader. You may have come across YouTube videos hosted by Google's server likewise Facebook videos are hosted by Facebook servers, the explanation I am disclosing to you because whenever you see a URL of certain Facebook video is not an actual source. However, it is inserted there that is the reason it is difficult to copy a file or video from Facebook.
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